Cyclophone // Eesti: Myths and Machines


the cyclophone at Usine 3 in Montreal, pre-set for Eesti: Myths and Machines. 2012

The Cyclophone is a sound generating sculpture made almost exclusively out of found objects and broken equipment.  It has been an ongoing process of trial and error, a combination of sculpture and found sound, of finding and incorporating and sifting out. Certain elements sounded good, others looked good, some started to look good because they sounded good and vice-versa.  It is a combination of these things…

The Cyclophone began in 2008. It was developed in, a studio space shared with musicians, visual/sound artists, and craftsmen.   I was very much inspired by those people and their music. The space provided for lots of cast- offs in the form of broken musical equipment and advice and detritus…There was much to sift from, always sifting.

cette sculpture qui trône au centre de la pièce.

The primary reason to create a sound sculpture was for a dance piece that would later become Eesti: Myths and Machines by Peter Trosztmer.  Peter and I had collaborated a couple of times before. This time we wanted to start with some sort of machine that would play a strong role in the piece.

photoscreen-capturePeter Trosztmer, Eric Craven, Jeremy Gordaneer.  exploring sounds and movement

The Eesti show was performed twice in Montreal, in conjunction with Tangente first at Usine C and then at the Monument National.  Peter used the cyclophone in ways that I had never imagined. As it was dragged slowly and loudly across the floor, he climbed on it and through it.  He stood on it, beat it, even played it.  It had become an integral part of that show.

In December 2012, I played the cyclophone at the Eastern Bloc in Montreal as part of a found sound symposium called Objet insuite.


Jeremy playing the cyclophone at Eastern Bloc in Montreal 2012


Samples from the Cyclophone were featured as the foundation of a musical score composed by Todd Charlton in an upcoming production of Measure for Measure directed by Martha Henry at the Stratford festival in Ontario. I haven’t heard the score yet, but am looking forward to it.          —From the Directors notes:

Well, start with a musical contraption, of course!  Review


-In September 2013 the cyclophone hit the road to Peterbourgh, Ontario- for a re-mount of the show Eesti: Myths and Machine at PUBLIC ENERGY


-We hit the road again in January 2014, this time to the Storefront Theater in Chicago!


…and in Sept.-Oct.2014— Halifax NS and St.Johns NL.

There will be a short CYCLOPHONE performance
Cyclophone: sound sculpture evening at Parenthesis Gallery in Halifax

w/ Jeremy Gordaneer, PeterTrosztmer, Thea Patterson,

Jean-Sebastian Durocher, Lois Brown.

These artists are in town for a set of shows with Live Art Dance Productions at the Sir James Dunn Theatre Sept 25 26 27 and will stop in at the gallery for an evening at around 8:00 pm on Sunday the 28th 2014

Come by – listen and play …

Eesti: “Myths and Machines”

There are those rare performances that fill you up so that you’re brimming, stoked by the integrity of the work, or perhaps elated with a feeling of reflection. Such is the case with Peter Trosztmer’s EESTI: Myths and Machines (Eesti is the Estonian for Estonia). It’s easily one of the best productions of the year.

Remembrance of Things Past EESTI: Myths and Machines by Peter Trosztmer Montréal: November 18– 27, 2011 by Philip Szporer


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