Painting Small Things

Painting Small Things
Examining the Mundane

The Painting Small Things series combines the joy and compulsion I have for painting with a desire to do something with the growing collection of detritus that gravitates toward me on a daily basis. These found objects serve as a springboard for much of my art. The subject of the paintings is an examination of the mundane, and how the very act of observation can reinvest the discarded object with an altered and refreshed meaning.

The Painting Small Things series was done over about a year in 2006 and 2007 and evolved out of my own daily practice of painting. Produced in no more than three evenings by the easel, each of these works is a small statement concerning little things but with substantial implications. In a dizzying world of mass-market advertising flash and excess glamour they raise simple quintessential questions about our world. Questions such as, if you are a painter, what do you paint? Where do you start? Why paint at all? What is the painter’s role in the world?

For me, these works are meditative. They are about picking up the pieces of a crumbling world, and putting them back in order, albeit with a new organization that is organic and different from the pieces’ original use.

pst.050_Barrel Boltpst.045_Water Upsidedownpst.043_Rusty Spark Plugpst.044_Waterpst.047_Not a yo-yopst.046_Car Part Threepst.048_Relay Citypst.049_Relay Racepst.040_Fixturepst.039_New Year's Lightbulbpst.038_Fridge Motor Partpst.036_More Brakespst.037_Another Hingepst.035_Computer Partpst.034_Washerpst.033_Electrical Box #2pst.032_Plugpst.031_Clutch????pst.021_Hingepst.022_Pedalpst.023_Front Derailer Twopst.024_Brakepst.025_Leverpst.026_Bridgepst.027_Engine Bitpst.028_Car Part Twopst.029_Another Engine Bitpst.030_Broken Fanpst.020_Electrical Boxpst.018_Fan Platepst.019_Lockpst.017_Gascappst.015_Lock Attachpst.014_Handbrakepst.013_Coffee Partpst.012_Blind Hardwarepst.011_Front Derailerpst.001_Head lamp (9004 DOT 12V)pst.002_Door Handlepst.005_Filter Funnelpst.006_Swivel non Swivelpst.007_Clamppst.008_Car Partpst.009_Handle Twopst.010_Gear Changerpst.016_Gear Changer in Twopst.065_My Generator Light Explodedpst.055_Another Round Thingpst.054_Window Latchpst.003_Hab's Cuppst.061_My Generator Light Exploded (part 1of4)pst.051_Wire Coilpst.064_My Generator Light Exploded (Part 4 of 4)pst.052_Unsafe Plugpst.053_Hanging Fence Piecepst.060_Broken Kick Standpst.062_My Generator Light Exploded (part 2 of 4)pst.059_Turnbucklepst.058_Hinge(s)pst.057_Compressed Cablepst.056_Birthday Brakepst.042_Drainagepst.041_Birdcappst.063_My Generator Light Exploded (Part 3 of 4)


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