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 impossible set designs

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-Diploma of Arts, in Visual Art- Camosun College 1992

-BFA -Theatre design, U-Vic 1999

I grew up in a family of artists, and began studying visual art through mentorship at very early age. Between 1991 and 1999 I was involved with The Chapman Group (1989-99), which was, an autodidactic collective dedicated to the study of art, philosophy, theology and physics.

I studied theatre design at the University of Victoria, because it combined my interests in space and the movement of the human figure through space, it bought together my passion for a hands-on approach with an interest in building and engineering sets, and it melded my artistic interests in painting and sculpture.

For the past 15 years, I have worked not only as a scenic painter, prop builder, but also as a sought-after collaborator and team member. In the past seven, I have also begun to work in dance, creating sound and sets from found materials, and through my practical skills as a builder, and my eye as a set designer and visual artist, I gradually implicated myself as a collaborator, contributing to the choreography as it was being created. The set design elements became intrinsically tied to the creation of the choreography.

I am presently motivated to take my technical expertise coupled with my experience with process and collaboration towards the new challenge of designing larger sets for theatre and dance.

As a visual artist, my main interest over the years has been space.  In painting I am interested in unimaginable spaces. As part of the Chapman Group I was engaged in finding ways to re-introduce pictorial space into painting—without reverting back to the Euclidian space that had been prevalent since the Renaissance.   I also wanted to make solid paintings that could be built. This led me towards sculpture. Often combining painting and sculpture, I explored the contradictions of actual and virtual space by making architectural sculptures with definite actual spaces and then painting images on them that either corresponded or denied the actual space thus creating a liminal virtual image/object. (i.e.- if the sculpture had an element protruding I would paint something on that section with a deep perspective, so the actual (physical) space comes out, and the virtual (illusion) space goes in…at the same time.) These concepts were informed by quantum physics, where non-locality and the continuum play into it.

Creating visual situations where things make sense in one context and become absurd in another is an interesting point of departure for me as a potential concept for theatre design. The knowledge that it is all an illusion, that the brick wall is not actually a brick wall, that we paint wood to look like wood. It’s completely absurd, but also kind of wonderful. I think there is room to acknowledge this in theatre design. To play with the tension between the real and the artificial. Why not? Maybe acknowledging the illusion will make it more true and real.

In essence I think of stage design, as sculpture, as painting, as art. Over the years, the theatre has informed my other art practices, and my art practices had informed my theatrical endeavors

I have had the pleasure to work with designers who make good and beautiful drawings and maquettes, -who give the right information to the right people. This makes the whole experience better for everyone involved, and ultimately a more successful product. I strive to be one of those designers.



We Are Monsters.   Set designer

Bone Button Borscht.  Set Designer

Fancy Nancy The Musical.  Set designer

Segal Centre for the Performing Arts-Academy.  Montreal QC


Intensive Maps  Set designer, performer.

Collaborators Thea Patterson, Sara Anjo

Teatro da Garagem.  Lisbon, Portugal



The Producers.  Set Designer

Segal Centre for the Performing Arts, Montreal QC


Mary’s Wedding (Tour). Set Designer

Pacific Opera Victoria, Victoria BC.

IMG_1648 IMG_1652 IMG_1654



#boxtape: Co-creator/Visual Artist/Dancer?

Collaborators: Peter Trosztmer, Thea Patterson, Lois Brown, Sigrid Patterson, Elinor Fueter, Winnie Ho, Nate Yaffe, Sonya Stefan…(a revolving, flexible cast)

Technolith, Montreal, QC,  presented by Tangente

Fifth Parallel Gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan

Frame Arts Warehouse, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Fabrik Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany

Bankers Hall (High Performance Rodeo)  Calgary, Alberta

Dance Munchen, Munich, Germany

Arts and Culture Centre, Grand Falls, Newfoundland.

Press for boxtape:



IMG_9243 IMG_8963


Kid Koala’s Nufonia Must fall : assistant set designer / lead model maker.

Banff Centre Banff Alberta.

Luminato Festival Toronto ON.


Kampnagel Hamburg DE

Adelaide Festival Adelaide Australia

Noorderzon Festival Groningen

As assistant set designer I contributed to the design of the sets

As lead model maker I fabricated many “puppet sized” sets.


-Cinderella //Together Wherever We Go: Set designer

Akiva Segal Centre Academy Montreal QC.

IMG_5076 IMG_5077


EESTI: Myths and Machines: Set Designer/Visual Artist-Sculptor

Tangente, Studio Hydro-Quebec du Monument-National, and Usine C,  Montreal QC.

Public Energy,  Market Hall Theatre, Peterbourgh ON

OnEdge Festival, Storefront Theater, Chicago Il.

liveart Dance Productions Halifax, NS.

Neighbourhood Dance Works St. Johns, NL.

Main and Station, Parrsboro, NS.





5 out of 6 Machines: Creation / Designer / Sculptor / Sound / Performer

Collaborators: Peter Trosztmer & Thea Patterson

Technolith residency: Griffintown, Montreal, QC

5outof6machines-20 5outof6machines-34 5outof6machines-15



A Study on Tape: Set and light Designer

Collaborators: Peter Trosztmer & Thea Patterson

Maison de la Culture du Plateau, Montreal QC.



From Ashes Comes the Day: Décor

Choreography: Erin Flynn

Aoyama Round Theatre, Tokyo, Japan

LIG Art Hall, Seoul, S. Korea

Tangente, Montreal, QC


Synthesis as Composure II Completely Absolutely Perfectly: Set/Light Designer

Choreography: Peter Trosztmer

Tangente, Montreal, QC.


The Secret Life of the Octopus / To Be Frank: Set Designer

Geordie Theatre Productions: Touring show.


Romeo and Juliet: Set designer

Phoenix Theatre, Victoria BC.


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