Jason Portrait

JasonGreat teller of stories, and instigator of actions.  First met at Julian and Simone’s wedding.


1 thought on “Jason Portrait

  1. Jeremy is a man of few words. A man with a brush in his hand. A man to reckon with. A man with a beard. He is a member of the Victoria Diaspora, a loose knit collection of ex-pats (or refugees maybe) living in Montreal, that meets once a year to plan, eat and dictate (au tour de role), but not necessarily in that order. Once, I took notice of some mini monuments outside a mega-fancy hotel, in Downtown Victoria. Door posts to the driveway, as it were. They just seemed gorgeous, special. Oh! Look! Jeremy made these. Look around, and you will see Jeremy everywhere. He offers you R. Crumb-like glasses for seeing the world, differently. Somehow…more clearly.

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