Reverse Panorama 2012-13

Reverse panorama

The idea for this series of paintings originated from Photosynth, an iphone application for taking panorama photos where you are meant to stand in the middle of a space and take pictures of your surroundings. Photosynth then “stiches” the photos together and adheres them to a sphere shape, thus creating a “3D” panorama.  The app also saves flattened images of the same panorama, which are similar to Mercator maps of the earth, with distortions and cut out areas included.

I found that if you focused the camera inward and circled around an object the app becomes “confused” and starts to make strange visual decisions.  Objects are distorted, repeated at various angles, and certain lines of an object will join with lines in the background in a way that makes sense if you are a computer program, but if you are a human it adjusts the meaning of the image.

It is a process of putting an image through a technology and then “re-humanising” it on the other side.

I found this interesting and coherent with my previous artwork, so I embarked on a series of still life paintings I call Reverse Panorama.

B I K E lll
B I K E lll – 2013  oil on panel, 3’x4′


B I K E ll -2013  oil on panel, 3’x4′


meat grinder---new

Meat Grinder -2012  oil on panel, 3’x4′



B I K E  -2012  oil on panel, 3’x4′



Espresso  -2012  oil on panel, 3’x4′


Heater ll  -2012  oil on panel, 3’x4′


Heater  -2012  oil on panel, 3’x4′


Broken Reel to reel  -2011  oil on panel, 3’x4′

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