Sometimes I do some work with dancers.

Usually it involves making interactive sculptures.


A Study on Tape

Collaborators: Peter Trosztmer & Thea Patterson

Maison de La Culture du Plateau, Montreal,  QC.

5 of of 6 Machines
Choreography: Peter Trosztmer & Thea Patterson

Creation, Sculptures, sounds,

Griffintown  Montreal QC.


 Corps caverneux Chorégraphe: Aurélie Pedron

-Création de la sculpture d’accordéon

Studio Hydro-Quebec du Monument-National, Montreal QC



EESTI : MYTHS AND MACHINES  Choreography: Peter Trosztmer

-Visual artist and Sculptor, décor, cyclophone.

Tangente, Studio Hydro-Quebec du Monument-National, and Usine C,  Montreal QC.

Public Energy,  Market Hall Theatre, Peterbourgh ON

OnEdge Festival, Storefront Theater, Chicago Il.



From ashes comes the day. Choreography: Erin Flynn,


Aoyama Round Theater, Tokyo, LIG Art Hall, Seoul,

Tangente, Montreal



Synthesis as Composure II Completely Absolutely Perfectally

Choreography: Peter Trosztmer

set and lighting

Tangente Montreal QC


2006  Synthesis as Composure: Painful but Unequivocal Truth

Choreography: Peter Trosztmer

Sculptural Set Pieces

Tangente Montreal QC



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